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Gas Services, Including Repair and Installation in Chattanooga and Surrounding Areas

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Double stage gas furnace in the basement

Whether it’s a furnace, oven, stove, or clothes dryer, most households in Chattanooga and the surrounding region use gas for heating. At Larry’s Heating & Air Conditioning, our professional gas services ensure the fuel lines operate safely and power your appliances at peak efficiency.

Gas Services for Furnaces

When it comes to home heating, gas furnaces remain a household favorite in the Chattanooga area, and for good reason. They circulate air through your home at a hotter temperature than their heat pump counterparts, providing the whole-home warmth families love. Since natural gas is a combustible material, ensuring everything runs smoothly and safely is vital. From byproducts such as carbon monoxide to fires and even explosions, problems with gas lines can lead to dire consequences.

Unlike most HVAC companies, Larry’s Heating & Air Conditioning keeps master gas fitters on our team to ensure that issues with gas furnaces get resolved quickly and efficiently. While we’re dedicated to keeping our customers and neighbors comfortable, our top priority is to keep you safe.

Gas Leak Detection Services

If you notice a rotten-egg odor in your home, call Larry’s Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule gas leak detection services. Municipalities add a chemical odorant to natural gas to help make leaks more easily detectable. Since some leaks occur out of smelling range, that’s often not enough to alert homeowners that there’s a problem. The following signs also indicate it’s time to get immediate help.

  • Hissing sounds emanating behind walls or flooring
  • Rust on piping or other signs of corrosion
  • High than usual monthly gas bills

Gas Line Maintenance Services

The best way to avoid dangerous natural gas leaks is with preventive maintenance. Experts strongly urge homeowners to schedule checkups at least once each year. When you schedule gas line maintenance services with Larry’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll conduct a complete examination of your gas-fired furnace and appliances. If there’s any problem, we’ll repair it as quickly as possible. Your safety is our primary concern.

Don’t take any chances if you suspect something’s wrong with your gas piping. Contact Larry’s Heating & Air Conditioning for professional gas services. Our master gas fitters will ensure that every pipe, connector, and valve works efficiently and safely.

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